Attend a car wrap training offered by Avery Dennison!

Training from March 23 to 25, 2020 and certification on March 26, 2020.

The training in brief ...

The vehicle trim training is offered in partnership with Avery Dennison and will be presented by Justin Pate, Avery Dennison certified installer and recognized in the automotive trim industry. During the training, we will share with you expert advice that will cover vehicle preparation, essential tools, dressing strategies, some common mistakes to avoid as well as design tips, vinyl poses and basics for improve your business skills. This is essential training for those looking to develop their talent.

Become a certified installer!

Certification is available to experienced installers. Participants who fail the test will be invited to a free test. Upon successful completion of the exam, the participant will receive Avery Dennison Official Installer certification.

Overview of the training program

The training offered by Avery Dennison is three days long and intermediate level. Certification is optional and not mandatory.

2725 Pitfield Boulevard
Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1T2

The training will take place from March 23 to 25, 2020 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The certification will take place on March 25, 2020 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

3 full days of training
Lunches, dinners, coffees and snacks, the material (vinyl) and a kit that includes the basic tools.

Training: $ 1,650 + taxes
Training + Certification: $ 2,000 + taxes
* Possibility of Quebec employment subsidy for those who are eligible. See below for full details.

Day 1

  • Vinyl installation technique on floors
  • Installation technique of vinyl in windows
  • Technique for installing vinyl on walls
  • Cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • The basis for removing the parts
  • Tools, film ownership, equipment moves, cleaning
  • Presentation of the UGIS
  • Cut the edges, make perfect corners
  • How to cut on the car
  • Correct alignment
  • How to wrap a hard-to-reach area
  • Time blocks for practicing

Day 2

  • Effortless installation
  • Wing mirror
  • Perforated film for windows
  • Bumper
  • Antenna
  • How to create with speed
  • Problem solving
  • How to market / find work / customer sales philosophy
  • Complement a vehicle
  • Time blocks for practicing

Day 3

  • Advanced technical training in the application of color, textured, printing and chrome vinyl.
  • Deepening of previously learned techniques
  • Time blocks for practicing

* (The course of the days may be subject to change but, all the subjects listed will be covered)

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