High-performance plastics for the food industry

Performance plastics for the food industry bring real benefits for businesses.

Food safety is a major issue and it is a topic that concerns us all!

The food industry is faced with a multitude of challenges. Whether you work at the food production, processing or packaging level, it is essential to comply with the highest standards and regulations of this sector. This guide will not help you to identify your challenges but rather to focus on needs that arise from them. Once these needs are clearly identified, you will be able to select effectively the most suitable plastic materials; these materials that, thanks to their many advantages, will benefit your business.

Solutions to meet your goals.

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Optimization of the production line
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Improvement parts service life
GroupePolyalto-Alimentaire-Logos-Plan de travail 1 copie 2156
Reduction of maintenance costs
GroupePolyalto-Alimentaire-Logos-Plan de travail 1 copie 3156-1
Reduction of workplace injuries
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Reduction of the risk of contamination
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Improvement of parts performance

Identify your needs with our guide.



Be safe and reduce the risk of accidents

Sanitation & Food Safety

Reducing contamination

Mechanical parts

Optimizing equipment productivity


Stable structures

Conveying $ Distribution

Improved conveying and reduced friction


Store all types of liquids and raw materials 

Refer to Appendix of the guide to select the right material that fit your need!

Learn about the plastic materials, their properties and advantages.

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